About Us

Client focused approach
It is our pleasure to introduce AZS Partners Law Firm founded by dr. Éva András and dr. Antónia Zsigmond attorneys at law as result of a business model change at CLV Partners Law Firm, relying on more than 10 years of legal practice, synergy, client trust and strong partnership.

Given the experience of our colleagues at various international law firms our team has in-depth expertise and best practice legal skills built up on long-term client relationship and with the main focus on delivering business focused pragmatic solutions.

We mainly focus specialising on specific areas of law, in particular on life science & pharmaceutical law, corporate, commercial, employment and data protection law, but having also experience in food law, public procurement, competition, real estate and litigation as well.

Beside Hungarian, we also provide legal service in English, German and Romanian language.

We truly hope that our client approach and dedication towards the legal services to be rendered shall meet with the clients’ current expectations being committed and well-attuned to their needs.

Practice areas