As of 1 August 2023 the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (abbreviated in Hungarian: ‘OGYÉI’) will cease to exist after more than its 60 years of existence as independent authority and will merge into the National Public Health Centre.
This latter will act as legal successor of OGYÉI under a new name of National Public Health and Pharmacy Centre (abbreviated in Hungarian: ‘NNGYK’).

Government Decree No 333/2023 (20 July) on the National Public Health and Pharmacy Centre was published in the Hungarian Official Gazette No. 108. Instead of the former OGYÉI, the NNGYK is designated as the state pharmaceutical administration body with national competence.

The new authority will be controlled by the minister of interior who is responsible also for health services. Head of the NNGYK will be the Chief Medical Officer (currently Dr. Cecília Müller). NNGYK will act as general legal successor of OGYEI.
A new website under will also be available. Thus, information and guidance related to the activity of the authority should from now on be reached at this website.

As a result of the legal succession, the NNGYK will essentially take over the tasks and responsibilities of the former OGYÉI. Hence, among others NNGYK will perform:

  • the regulatory and control / inspection activities for pharmaceutical and public administrational matters;
  • the scientific research, training, evaluation, expert advice, coordination, professional methodology, professional supervision, information and expert activities;
  • the official duties related to the supply of medicines, the control, coordination and supervision of the operation of pharmacies;
  • the expert tasks in connection with the certification of medical devices, as well with the investments and operation of medical and technological equipment of healthcare providers;
  • the health technology assessment tasks;
  • will assess whether a clinical research qualifies as a clinical trial, a non-interventional trial or other medical research.

More detailed scope of responsibilities of NNGYK is set out in the government decree, which can be downloaded from the link below (available only in Hungarian):


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